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The Stoic Padawan is a personal exploration of how to apply philosophical ideas. From an internal drive to share, help, and inspire the people around me, I decided to publish my discoveries here.

The Stoic Padawan

The name feels like a fitting description of myself and of my approach towards philosophy and life. Stoicism is an ancient school of philosophy. What appeals to me about it is its striving for a peaceful life, living according to one’s nature, and focusing on the parts of your life that you can control. You can find a deeper introduction to Stoicism here.

What is a padawan?

A padawan is an apprentice of a Jedi master. This comes from the Star Wars universe. Find out more about padawans here. The reason why it fits me is that it represents someone who is learning. It also takes the seriousness out of the topic as we should take life for what it is and not overcomplicate it.

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I am not a scholar

Although Stoicism is in the title, that doesn’t mean that it is my only influence. I prefer to keep an open mind and look for inspiration and lessons everywhere. Let me also add that I am not a scholar and I don’t pretend to be one. When I read some of the philosophers, I struggle to understand some of the texts and then need to delve deeper. Still, it helps me and I find it extremely interesting.

My digital handbook

The ancient philosophers used to create their own handbooks on how to live a good life. Something that they could reference and read whenever they needed some guidance. It consisted of short texts or phrases that could easily be remembered and were often repeated. This is my version but wrapped in a modern-day jacket.

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My reflections here might help you with some of your struggles or inspire you in some shape or form. If not that, then I hope that you at least enjoy reading them.

Share your views

I would also encourage you to share your experiences and different views on the topics that I write about here. This way I can learn from you and other readers can see that there are many different views on the content found here.

Thank you for taking an interest in my philosophical journey and I hope you’ll get something from it yourself.

Benny Voncken – The Stoic Padawan

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