This is the list of Cicero quotes used in the text in the blog. They are here for your reference and inspriation. Although not a Stoic himself, Cicero did refer to a lot of the Stoic works. We know a lot about Stoicism from his works because so much of it was handed down to us. Here are the ones I used in my blog and this list will keep on growing for sure.

“The higher we are in place, the more humble we should walk.”


Post: What is Justice

“Indeed, Dionysius himself pronounced judgement on whether he was happy or not. He wat talking to one of his flatterers, a man called Damocles, who enlarged on the monarch’s wealth and power, the splendours of his despotic regime, the immensity of his resources, and the magnificence of his palace. Neve, he declared, had there been a happier man. ‘Very well, Damocles,’ replied the ruler, ‘since my life strikes you as so attractive, would you care to have a taste of it yourself and see what my way of living is really like?’

Cicero, On the Good Life, Discussions at Tusculum V, Pages 84-85

Damocles agreed with pleasure. And so Dionysius had him installed on a golden couch covered with a superb woven coverlet embroidered with beautiful designs, and beside the couch was placed an array of sideboards loaded with chased gold and silver plate. He ordered that boys, chosen for their exceptional beauty, should stand by and wait on Damocles at table, and they were instructed to keep their eyes fastened attentively upon his every sign. There were perfumes and garlands and incense, and the tables were heaped up with a most elaborate feast.

Cicero, On the Good Life, Discussions at Tusculum V, Pages 84-85

Damocles thought himself a truly fortunate person. But in the midst of all his splendour, directly above the neck of the happy man, Dionysius arranged that a gleaming sword should be suspended from the ceiling, to which it was attached by a horsehair. And so Damocles had no eye for those lovely waiters, or for all the artistic plate. Indeed, he did not even feel like reaching out his hand towards the food. Presently the garlands, of their own accord, just slipped down from his brow. In the end he begged the tyrant to let him go, declaring that his desire to be happy had quite evaporated.”

Cicero, On the Good Life, Discussions at Tusculum V, Pages 84-85

Post: The Sword of Damocles

“A person who lacks the means, within himself, to live a good and happy life will find any period of his existence wearisome.”

Cato the elder, according to Cicero, On Old Age, 1

Post: The Sword of Damocles

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