Human mind meets AI

Welcome to the collection of Daily Contemplations of The Stoic Padawan. They are all accompanied by AI generated images using You can view them here or catch them live as I share them on my Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest accounts. Click on the icons to there directly and give me a follow.

Some background

At the same time as I started my blog, I felt the need to reflect daily on my Twitter account. Every morning and evening, I have been writing a tweet with my thoughts at that moment. They slowly evolved into what some now consider as poems with theirown AI images. I don’t want to go that far, but the words that appear often surprise even myself and some speak more truth than I imagined.

At one point, I was introduced to the AI generator called Midjourney. That’s when I decided to add my texts directly into the prompt and let the AI surprise me. These images below are the result of this experiment. If the words sometimes catch me off guard, the images do so even more.

New images will be added here regularly, so please come back to visit again. If you have a favorite or like some of the wording, please leave a comment. The support is greatly appreciated.

If you enjoy these short reflections, then you can find my longer posts here in The Stoic Padawan. One suggestion to start with would be: What is Stoicism?

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