Stoic Coaching

Coaching as your guide to lead a more peaceful and fulfilled life

  • Get to know yourself
  • Reduce your worries
  • Take responsibility
  • Look for your path
  • Examine your emotions
  • Control your actions

Times are changing. Sometimes too fast for us to follow or understand.

We struggle with our choices, our jobs, our finances, and life in general.

Stoic coaching can help you pick yourself up and find your way.

Why Stoic Coaching?

Stoic coaching can help you when you feel stuck. Your coach will guide you in the process of asking questions, to have someone listen to you without judgement, and to challenge your thoughts where needed. But most of all, we offer you support where you need it.

In combination with Stoicism, we will harness the wisdom of over 2000 years ago to our advantage. Many of the ideas of Stoicism can be seen in modern day therapy. They knew what they were talking about. And it is available for us to use to live a better life. Stoic coaching is no therapy, but it builds on the same concepts.

Why Stoicism?

These Stoic coaching programs aren’t here to turn you into a Stoic. If it resonates with you that great, but they are meant as tools for you to gain a different perspective on life. You can learn more about Stoicism here, to get a better idea of what it is.

What it boils down to is living a virtuous life in accordance with Nature. It all starts with learning what your nature is, knowing yourself. This requires asking a lot of questions and a sincere and open mind to look for answers. We will hold our actions to the light of the four Stoic virtues, Wisdom, Justice, Courage, and Temperance

The common idea about Stoicism is that it is used to suppress your emotions and become a person who doesn’t feel and only thinks about themselves. That is referred to as lowercase s stoicism. The Stoics, uppercase S, use the virtues to examine their emotions and learn to deal with them in a more productive and rational manner. This to become better people for oneself and the community as a whole.

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