Take control of your finances, now.

  • Reduce your debt
  • Control your spending
  • Learn to save
  • Find your Enough
  • Put your money to work for you

Don’t let your emotions govern your finances.

The Stoic Financial Coaching program can help you get on top of your situation.

Money can buy your freedom. It’s not only for the rich, it’s here for you, too.

Mix your finances with Stoicism and you’re set for life. There’s no need to become a Stoic, but the techniques we will use can improve your relationship with money and perhaps other parts of your life.

All these steps are available to you. They are not complicated, but they do require discipline and motivation. This is not an easy one day fix, the purpose of this program is to change your relationship with your finances. Instead of it being a burden, you can learn to use money as a tool.

Why Stoicism?

Stoicism is an ancient philosophy aimed at living the good life. While they see money and finances as external, Stoicism can help you change the way you look at money and remove the control it has over you.  Learn more about Stoicism here: What is Stoicism?

Here are some of my articles to make the link between Stoicism and your finances a little clearer: Become Financially Independent with Stoicism, Budgeting like a Stoic, and Investing like a Stoic.

Why pay for Financial Coaching?

The money you can save if you follow the Stoic Financial Coaching program, can make this one of the best investments you’ve made. 

It’s an investment in yourself.

Why choose me to help you?

Over the years, I’ve completely overhauled my finances. There were times when I was afraid to look at my account. A big sense of shame hung over the topic of money and finances.

That’s completely gone now. I see money for what it is. It’s a tool that can help me live a better life. It has changed not only my view on my finances, but also on what I own and what I need to live a good and happy life.

These techniques I’ve learned and apply to my life every day, you can use too. But be mindful, this program will not just affect your finances, it will make you look differently at other parts of your life.

You found this page because you are ready to start making some changes. Which is the most important step. Now let’s keep going. I’m here for you.

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