Stuck in Life?

Our Stoic Life Coaching programs are here to help you find your path and discover who you are.

  • What direction do I want to go?
  • Should I change my job?
  • How can I feel better about myself?
  • Is this where I want to be?
  • Is there something missing?

These questions, and others, might be running through your head. As a Philosophy of life, Stoicism offers great tools to deal with them. It helps us regain control back over our lives. Learn more about Stoicism here: What is Stoicism

What is Stoic Life Coaching?

Stoic Life Coaching uses the philosophy of Stoicism to find the right perspective on life. But we are not here to turn you into Stoics, if that’s not for you. Our coaches will use this ancient wisdom, that has helped so many people throughout the ages, for your benefit.

Stoicism is a pragmatic and practical philosophy. Its name comes from the painted porch in Athens, the Stoa Poikile. There, the founder Zeno of Citium brought philosophy back to the people on the streets. It’s a philosophy for anyone. The goal of Stoicism is to live a peaceful life in accordance with Nature. To accomplish this, they left us with techniques that are now the foundation of modern-day therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

The first big step is taken

We don’t offer therapy. Our coaches are facilitators to help you find the right questions to ask and to shift your mindset towards these questions. But this is not an easy fix, it will require hard work from you. However, since you are already here, it means that you have taken the first and most difficult step already: the insight that something needs to change.

The Stoic Life Coaching program will work with you towards being able to continue on your journey. Our own experience is ready and available to you. We strongly believe that anyone should try to create a personal philosophy of life, whether it is Stoicism or not.

Request you free 30-minute consultation. There we will examine what the best path is for you and how to get started.

Let us guide you on your discovery to living a better life.

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