Stoicism Masterclass: Foundations

Learn more about the foundations of Stoicism and how to apply these to your life. This five-week course will cover the basics directed at your personal situation. You can find the breakdown below and see what we will cover each week of the masterclass.

The next Stoicism Masterclass: Foundations will start at the beginning of December 2023, provided enough participants sign up. By completing the booking form below, you will register for the next course and you will receive the necessary information.

Each session will last for 1.5 hours. The first hour has an instructional nature, with enough interaction and elements to focus it on your personal life. The last half an hour is an Ask Me Anything style. Here you can ask the questions you have or share experiences or situations that you would like us to discuss.

Stoicism Masterclass: Foundations

The Stoicism Masterclass: Foundations is aimed at those who would like to understand the basics of Stoicism. To get a better view of how this philosophy of life can help them live better lives. Moreover, they can improve specific aspects of their lives by using the tools these ancient teachings provide us with.

Look at the outline of the course below to get a better idea of all the facets of Stoicism we will cover. With the button below you will be able to book your spot on the next course. If you wish to learn more about the other Masterclasses we offer, you can find them here.

Masterclass Outline:

  • Stoicism
    • What is Stoicism?
    • Why is it still relevant?
    • How can we use it?
  • Virtue
    • What is Virtue?
    • What are the Virtues?
    • How do they apply to me?
    • How do I live a virtuous Life?
  • Living in Accordance with Nature
    • Nature vs Nature
    • The Logos
    • Knowing yourself
    • Using it as a gauge
  • Control
    • Dichotomy of Control
    • External Vs. internal
    • Wants, Desires, Aversions
    • Responsibility
    • Real-life situations
  • Stoic tools
    • What to Stoic works to read
    • Preferred Indifferences
    • Voluntary discomforts
    • Negative visualisation
    • Otherizing
    • Journaling/Meditating
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