Stoicism Masterclass

The Stoicism Masterclass offers you a range of weekly online courses to help you understand the concepts of this ancient philosophy. What is more important, they help you apply the Stoic teachings to your life. These masterclasses focus on the implementation of Stoicism as a philosophy of life. The courses we offer are:

  • Stoicism Masterclass: The Virtues
  • Stoicism Masterclass: Control
  • Stoicism Masterclass: How to live well

For more information and a specific outline of each of these masterclasses, click on the links. There you will be able to see which one speaks to you most and when the next course will start. You can also find the days and times when these courses are given. The prices and payment options are also displayed there. If, however, you prefer one-to-one coaching, you can find more information about that here:

Stoic Coaching

Masterclass Outline

The masterclasses are 4-5 weeks long, depending on the specific topic. They consist of one hour of instruction-based interaction and half an hour of an Ask Me Anything type of exchange. The first part will focus on a specific aspect of the masterclass topic, in which we delve into the matter. What is key is that we use our personal lives to aim these teachings toward. We set personal focus points at the start of the courses. You can do this privately or choose to share them with the group.

The requirements to partake are your time, a stable internet connection, note-taking options, and a journal. These courses are held through Zoom. You will receive links to each of the meetings. The AMA at the end will be with the whole group, but you can request for one-to-one moments if you require extra support.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at You can also go ahead and book the course you are interested in below.

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