The Stoic Coaches present themselves. Read about Benny Voncken and Brice Noble below and learn more about who they are, what they stand for and how they can guide you to a better life. You can read some testimonials below.

Benny Voncken - The Stoic Coach

Benny Voncken – Stoic Coach @Thestoicpadawan

“Knowing who you are is the required foundation to build a good life.”

Benny Voncken

My 12 years of experience in education, have more than prepared me to become a Stoic coach. I’ve guided many students to improve their English language skills. A big aspect of this is to listen and build their confidence to use the language. Creating a safe space to allow for mistakes from which to grow.

This goes hand-in-hand with my coaching style. It is important to create a bond of trust and no judgment. Only then can we start the process of asking the right questions. Providing the Stoic tools necessary for the coachees to have a different look at the aspects of life they are struggling with.

Stoicism has changed my life and has given me the stability and strength to examine who I am. To look into the underlying beliefs of why certain moments trigger emotions or impulses. By understanding them, I am able to reduce their effect without ignoring them.

From those around me, I’ve been told that my calm state of mind and levelheadedness give them an instant feeling that they can share with me. The fact that I don’t add my opinions, to their situations, helps me ask questions they might not have thought of.

As a Stoic coach, it is my duty to provide you with the guidance to find your own questions, recognize certain areas of your life that you wish to improve, and learn to accept yourself and the journey you are on.

I’ve been studying and applying Stoicism for over 5 years. It has given me clarity and a sense of balance upon which to stand. This is what I’d like to share with you and show you that it is possible for you to live a better life.

Brice Noble, The Stoic Coach

Brice Noble – Stoic Coach @stoicbrice

“You need a purpose in life? Try to be a good person, that’s a good enough purpose to have.”

Brice Noble

People naturally come to me for advice and guidance. That’s why my career of over 20 years in people and project management has been a perfect fit for me. Adding to that the many years of volunteering in community outreach programs, which included life planning and life counseling, allow me to provide you with a solid base to explore yourself from.

My Stoic teachings and application to how I live, form the principles of how I can guide you to finding your path in life. Differentiating the externals from the internals, understanding what is in your control and what isn’t, and creating a free mind by recognizing your nature.

The more direct approach I apply is honest and always comes from good faith. Which is key in any of my interactions with people. Even those who have different views on life, I welcome them. As long as they are coming from a constructive and open stance. This is how I build the connection between my coachees and myself. This relationship is built on mutual respect and understanding.

As a Stoic coach, I will provide you with the tools this ancient way of life has to offer. They will help you as support in times when you need them. And by practice, they will allow you to live a more independent and fulfilled life.

Over the past few years, I’ve hosted many conversations on Stoicism, together with Benny, on social media audio platforms. I’ve also had the honor of interviewing big names in the modern-day Stoic community. People such as Donald J. Robertson, Massimo Pigliucci, and Dr. Gregory Sadler. These interactions have strengthened my belief that his philosophy will lead to a better and more peaceful life.

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Below are some testimonials for more insights into our coaches.

Alex Nielsen

Benny – one of the wises friends I have

I met Benny almost two years ago, but I remember it as yesterday. I was hosting the first episode of The Stoic Space (which Benny still hosts!).

It was scary to throw myself into the unknown and discuss a topic I didn’t know much about. But then something magical happened. Benny came along and provided so much knowledge and perspectives that I wondered why I was nervous. Then he came back week after week to spoil us with his wise and humble perspective on any of the Topics.

All this led to a great friendship where I could discuss struggles or thoughts. No matter the topic, when I feel like I have to discuss anything in life with someone, I don’t go to someone in the physical world, I send a message to The Stoic Padawan.

If you are looking for a Stoic Coach or simply a life coach, I don’t believe you can find anyone better than Benny.

Don’t hesitate. Make a life-changing decision now!

Coach: Benny
Alex Mark

13 Weeks With Benny Voncken

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Benny Voncken as my Stoic coach for the past 13 weeks. In that time, Benny has proven to be an exceptional coach who has truly helped me improve my life through the practice of Stoic philosophy.

Benny has an incredible depth of knowledge about Stoicism and the writings of philosophers like Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, and Epictetus. He has done an amazing job breaking down complex Stoic concepts and making them understandable and actionable in my everyday life. I’ve learned so much from our sessions about things like overcoming emotions, prioritising myself, and taking a calm, rational approach to life’s difficulties.

One thing that sets Benny apart is his empathy and compassion. He truly cares about his clients and wants to see them succeed. My sessions with him feel like conversing with a wise friend who has my best interests at heart. He is an excellent listener and always provides thoughtful feedback and encouragement.

Overall, I could not recommend Benny highly enough as a Stoic coach. He has helped me make tremendous progress in internalising Stoic wisdom and applying it to find more fulfillment and tranquility in my daily life. I’m deeply grateful to have found such a knowledgeable and dedicated coach. Anyone looking to live a great life through Stoic principles would be fortunate to work with Benny.

Coach: Benny

No one is better at helping others reach their best

I get a lot of ideas. As a result, I tend to lose focus, and my productivity suffers. Well, that was until I met Benny. Benny gets people; he understands them and gets them thinking towards their main goal and how best to achieve it.

I have known Benny for several years as a colleague, a friend and a mentor. The more we interacted on a daily basis, the more I realized the incredible value he provides. He helped me bring out the best of my ideas, narrowed them down, linked them with others and ultimately created a plan for moving forward.

I wholeheartedly recommend his coaching and mentoring program. He goes above and beyond and loves to see people grow and reach their full potential. You won’t find anyone better.

Inzagy Tech. LLC
United States

Coach: Benny

Your Guide To The Good Life

Benny’s guidance in Stoicism has been truly transformative for me. His wealth of knowledge and personal insights into how to adapt Stoic teachings to one’s own life are invaluable. With his expertise & personal experiences, he has empowered me to discover my own version of the ‘good life’ and navigate life’s challenges with resilience.

Learning and applying Stoicism can be daunting, but Benny has a unique talent for making it easy to understand and practice in my daily life. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone curious about Stoicism. Through Stoic practices, I’ve found newfound inner strength, happiness, and a sense of freedom that has profoundly improved my life, and Benny has played a crucial role in this journey. Thank you!

Coach: Benny
Samuel L Allen

“Benny listens, engages, and interacts to empower others.”

Benny is like the modern day Aesop of our time. A story teller that is enthusiastic, energetic, and confident about the subject. My personal experience with Benny involves Short stories of the ancient Stoics and Stoicism. He listens, engages, and interact to empower others.
He is vulnerable, personable, and authentic. I often show up in his spaces with pen a paper in search of treasures. He is like the goose that laid the golden eggs. ~`E!eFont

Coach: Benny

Benny and the Stoic Padawan

Benny and the Stoic Padawan coaching programme helped me greatly in both my personal and professional life. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to anybody who is interested in self development or career progression. Though I was a little hesitant at first, Benny quickly put me at ease. He was highly knowledgeable, professional and reassuring througout my sessions. The programme was both challenging and rewarding, and it was a pleasure to work through under Benny’s guidance. Thank you!

Coach: Benny
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